Are you able to work and apply for Social Security Disability?

The rules on work and disability are complex.

The simple answer is: sometimes.

Social Security rules allow part-time work as long as it is below a certain amount of gross earnings.

Remember, gross earnings is the amount before taxes or anything else is taken out.

This year you are allowed to make up to $1010.00 gross per month.

The problem with part-time work before your hearing is that the Administrative Law Judge will sometimes treat part-time work as indicating that you are able to work full time.

There is often a large leap between working part-time and full time, however I have seen Judges who will say if you can do it part-time then you can do it full time.

Of course, full time work requires consistent attendance and high concentration and productivity throughout the day.

The type of work will make a big difference also.

If you are standing and walking and lifting 20 pounds and above or working a highly skilled job, then you are probably not going to win your case.

After you win your Social Security case you have some more freedom to work.

The $1010.10 gross per month is still the limit.

And you must report your earnings to Social Security.

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