When you apply for Social Security Disability should you tell your doctor that you are trying for disability?

It will certainly show up in your medical records if you tell your doctor.

The records will say something like this: “patient has been trying to get disability”.

Looks innocent enough.

However, some Social Security Judges take it the wrong way.

They think that you are somehow trying to persuade your doctor to be an advocate for your Social Security case.

Other judges could care less when something like this shows up in the medical records.

The problem is that some doctors have a tainted view of Social Security Disability.

The doctor thinks that it is welfare program, or their own beliefs color their thinking and they do not believe anyone should be on disability.

The safe way is to not say anything to your doctor about applying for Social Security Disability.

However, you should and must tell the doctor about your major problems and how they limit you.

This should be done at every appointment.

This is very important to winning your case.

For instance, my hands ache all the time and are numb most of the day. It makes it hard for me to handle, grip and use my fingers.

Always tell your doctor about your problems and how it affects your daily activities.

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