Social Security Disability often comes down to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

The Judge’s job is to decide whether you are disabled.

The Judge will ask a series of questions.

The hearing itself lasts about one hour.

The Judge will ask you about your living arrangements.

The Judge will ask you about your work and educational background.

She will also ask about your problems that keep you from working and what you do all day long and the chores you can do.

Sometimes the Judge will ask you if you use street drugs or alcohol.

Sometimes the Judge will ask if you have received unemployment benefits in the last couple of years.

The tone the Judge uses varies.

In other words, some Social Security Judges are very stern, almost angry.

They will seem to be accusing you of faking your illness.

Or they will seem to be condemning you for not working.

You have no control over who is your Social Security Disability Judge.

But, the most important thing to remember is to always be polite with the Disability Judge and explain what your limitations are and why they keep you from walking.

When you are before the Judge it is your chance to explain your story and flesh out the medical records.

The best thing to do is paint the picture of how your daily activities are limited by your pain.

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