Social Security Disability really is a complex set of laws, rules and procedures.

Most of it is just not that intuitive.

In other words, you cannot look at it on the surface and think that it makes sense.

You may agree after I give you this very important tip for Social Security Disability cases.

Your ability to use your hands may mean the difference in winning or losing your disability case.

The reason is that many Vocational experts will testify that if you can only use your hands for handling and fingering items occasionally, then there are very few jobs available for you.

You might think that if I can still walk and stand and sit then there is some job available.

However, your options are very limited if you cannot use your hands very much.

With this in mind if you have problems with your hands, then make sure you tell your doctor. Explain your hand pain and numbness and how it limits your using a computer, and dressing, and using utensils and cups and glasses.

The other thing you should do is have xrays of your hands if you have arthritis or some other condition that may show up in an xray.

You may also want to have a nerve test done of your hands to show damage.

Another possibility is a physical capacity test of your hands.

Anything objective to support the problems you have with your hands will be important.

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