Social Security Disability Judges ask many questions at the disability hearing.

This may cause you to think that if you do certain activities then you will lose your case.

For instance, going to church does not mean that you can perform full time work. But tell the Judge if you cannot stand for all the music because of health problems.

Doing light house work does not mean that you are not disabled.

Make sure you tell the Judge if you need breaks to rest or because of pain.

Driving a car does not keep you from winning your case.

Using a computer or reading is not forbidden. Of course you should let the judge know if you have problems concentrating while reading or you have to take breaks using the computer because your hands hurt or your back hurts.

Taking care of your children or pets is not going to hurt your case. Certainly, you should explain to the Judge if others help care your your children or pets.

Limited exercise is not the kiss of death. Once again explain your limitations in anything you do.

Every activity should be viewed through the lens of how much can I do and how am I limited when I do it.

Remember the work day is six to eight hours long and must be repeated four to five days of the week.

Thanks to Attorney Charles Hall for these ideas.

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