If you have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder are you entitled to Social Security Disability benefits?

As I mentioned last week, you must apply for Social Security Disability benefits before you will be paid.

If you have a seizure condition and are on medications that control the seizures, then you will most likely be found not disabled.

The reason is that Social Security looks at your limitations, not the condition by itself.

One problem some people have is that their seizures would be under control if they took their medication properly.

I realize that it is sometimes difficult to pay for the medications, and some of the medications have wicked side effects that make it hard to stay on, but some Administrative Law Judges will deny you for failure to take your medications per doctor’s orders.

If you are taking your medications and the seizures continue, then you may have a good chance of winning your disability case.

To increase your chances of winning you should keep a calendar documenting when your seizures occurred and how you felt afterwards.

You should also ask your neurologist to note in your records that despite your compliance and best efforts your seizures are not under control.

The theory for your disability case is that if seizures happen several times a week or a month then you will not be able to maintain the attendance and productivity needed to keep any job.

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