Having your doctor on your side for your Social Security Disability case certainly does not hurt.

However, there are no guarantees that the Judge will agree with your doctor.

Social Security rules provide that the Judge is the ultimate decision maker regarding whether you are disabled.

A doctor who writes a letter saying that Mrs. Smith is disabled and cannot work will most likely not help her case.

The doctor will need to explain what symptoms you experience and how it limits you.

The doctor’s records will also have to back up what she writes in the letter.

I have seen some Judges who will pick apart a doctor’s letter and complain that the records do not support what they are saying in the letter, or that the doctor is relying on the patient’s subjective complaints and not any objective findings.

It is important to consistently report to your doctor the problems and limitations you experience. This should be done at each visit.

If you need an xray or other test to support this, then you may need to ask for them.

Examples are telling your doctor that your hands are numb and tingle most of the time, and that you drop plates and glasses several times a week.

The other problem you may face are that doctors are reluctant to fill out forms or write letters for you.

You should cultivate the relationship from the beginning.

Explain your circumstances to your doctor. Such as your health has deteriorated, that you have worked hard all your life and that you will need some assistance in explaining your situation to Social Security. It will not be a time consuming ordeal for the doctor. A one page letter or short form will be all that is needed.

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