Social Security Disability cases take a long time.

It often takes at least 16 months to get your hearing.

So you have to be committed and ready to go the distance.

This means keep on trying no matter what.

You must get into to see Doctors and go to the doctor consistently.

This is, of course, not that easy to do especially if you have no insurance or medical card.

You must tell your doctor about your problems and limitations at your appointments.

You must also ask your doctor to help you detail your conditions and limitations for Social Security Disability. Many doctors do not want to get involved.

You must go to the Social Security Doctor appointments or Social Security will deny you.

You must also get your medical records to Social Security Administration.

When you are denied at any level you must appeal. If you do not appeal then you will have to start over.

Even if you are denied at the hearing you should appeal to the Appeals Council.

If you are denied by the Appeals Council you should reapply. In some cases you should appeal to Federal Court.

The alternative is to give up, or try to work again.

Of course, filing for Social Security Disability is demeaning and a great trial.

That is why having a lawyer is helpful.

Your lawyer can point why things are happening, and help you stay on course, and encourage you not to give up.

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