Social Security Disability is all about proving that you are disabled with your medical records.

This means you should have proof of your problems and limitations through your doctor and hospital visits.

Just telling the Social Security Judge that you are in pain and cannot work is not enough to win your case.

Think of it from the Administrative Law Judge’s point of view:

Someone comes to you and tells you that that their back hurts and keeps them from walking and standing except for short periods during the day, but they only have records from their doctor showing they came for appointments 2 times during the year and complained on some low back pain but did not mention problems walking and standing. They also have no back xrays or MRI.

What would you think? Probably not very strong proof of problems is it.

It makes sense that if you truly have problems that you will go to the doctor often and complain about your pain and limitations.

The take away is that you should go to the doctor every couple of months and describe in detail your problems and limitations.

This does not mean that you tell your doctor that you are disabled and want to get on Social Security disability. These are just words to a Social Security Judge. What really makes a difference is what symptoms you have and how it impacts your daily life.

I know this is not easy.

Many people have problems paying for medical treatment.

But if you are disabled and need Social Security Disability you will have to see the doctor and tell the doctor about your problems. There really is no shortcut.

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