Recently I had a lady come in to talk with me about her disability case.

The Administrative Law Judge had denied her at the hearing and she wanted to appeal her case.

She had not seen a doctor for several years.

She told me that the Judge asked questions of the vocational expert and the Judge did not follow what the expert told the Judge.

This paints a good picture of why you should use an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

If she would have come in at the beginning of her application, then I would have told her to start going to a doctor and complaining of her symptoms and limitations.

There really is no way to win your case if you do not see a doctor.

Medical records are the most important part of your case.

I also would have been able to explain what she needed to prove in order to win her case.

This would have given her an idea of what problems she needed to have the doctor focus on.

I would have been able to explain why the vocational expert is testifying and why the expert’s response is important.

There really is no good reason not to use an attorney in Social Security Disability cases.

The attorney cannot charge any up front fees, and can only charge a fee if you win.

The fee is limited to 25 percent of the back benefits, and no fee is charged from your ongoing benefits.

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