Arthritis can be a devastating disease.

It can certainly result in a finding of Social Security Disability.

However, just because you have the diagnosis of arthritis does not guarantee that you will be found disabled.

Social Security Disability judges look at the limitations your condition causes in making their decision.

For instance, is your arthritis in your feet and knees and does it make it hard to stand and walk more than 2 hours out of an 8 hour day?

Does your arthritis in your shoulders and elbows make it hard to reach at all levels more than one-third of the day?

Does your arthritis in your hands and fingers make it hard to manipulate and grip items more than one-third of the day?

Will your doctor support these type of limitations?

All of these kind of limitations are very important to your disability case.

Use of your hands and arms is crucial to almost all types of occupations.

If you are limited in these areas, then you will have a hard time performing any job.

And Social Security Disability Judges focus on whether you have the ability to work a job.

Objective proof of your arthritis is important. This includes Xrays and blood tests.

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