You may think that since the Social Security Disability hearing is a legal proceeding the only things that matter are rules and laws.

However, any time people are involved then personalities are important.

Certainly your medical records and your limitations are very important.

But the secret is that if you can get the Judge to like you or empathize with your situation, then it surely will not hurt you.

I have seen Judge’s who take an immediate dislike toward a claimant and then they discount all the favorable evidence and pick on insignificant factors.

I have also seen Judge’s who for some reason sympathize with a claimant and the entire hearing is smooth sailing, and even a hostile vocational expert is not able to stop the Judge from finding the person disabled.

What does all of this mean to you as you get ready for your hearing?

You should be very polite to the Social Security Judge.

No matter if the Judge is mean or sharp, you should respond in a humble manner.

It may feel good to snap back at someone in authority who mistreats you but it does not help you in the long run.

The hearing only lasts 45 minutes to one hour so the pressure will be over soon.

Responding in a polite manner will usually calm the Judge and may cause the Judge to rule in your favor.

Your goal is to win your case, not to get into a fight with the Judge.

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