Can you win a Social Security Disability case if you suffer from Migraines?

The answer is maybe.

The severity of your condition is what determines whether you are disabled.

The Administrative Law Judge will be trying to decide whether your migraines are so severe that they keep you from doing any kind of job at all.

The type of evidence you will need includes doctors’ records that show multiple complaints of migraines with little to no relief from your medications.

If your medications control your migraines, then you are not disabled.

You will also need emergency room records that show the need of pain medications to address out of control headaches.

Medical tests may be helpful to isolate the problem or rule out other conditions.

You will also need to testify to the frequency and severity of your migraines.

Such as, I have migraines twice a week. I need to lay down in a dark room and I am sick to my stomach. My headaches last for 12 hours even when I take my medications. They keep me from being able to focus, read, and communicate with others.

The purpose is to show that you will miss multiple days of work each month, and you will be off task at work a high percentage of the day because of your migraines.

Supportive letters from friends or family describing your symptoms are helpful.

A report from your doctor detailing your symptoms and prognosis is also very helpful.

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