The new year is a good time to regroup and reflect on some positive ways to change our lives.

If you are unable to work or having serious difficulty working, then it is good time to explore whether Social Security Disability is for you.

Some good resolutions to follow regarding your condition:

1. File your application. Social Security Disability takes a long time. Currently, in Central Illinois it takes over 18 months from filing till
hearing before an administrative law judge. Waiting only makes the process longer and may result in losing benefits.

2. Get an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. It does not cost any money up front. Your lawyer only gets paid if you win.
Why mess around with a complicated system. It is difficult to understand why the Judge is asking you the questions at the hearing, and it is
almost impossible to question the Vocational Expert effectively if you are not a lawyer.

3. Make sure you go to your doctor early and often. You cannot win without the proper documentation from your doctors regarding your symptoms
and limitations.

4. Tell your doctor what is happening. Your doctor cannot read your mind. Explain what is happening to you and how it effects your daily activities.

5. Do not give up. If you are really disabled, then there is no alternative. You must keep appealing. I have seen some people who are in great pain
who never gave up and ultimately were granted benefits.

Questions about your disability claim? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.