March 2014

No dream too big for disabled vet.

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How about that. The human spirit can adapt to many trials and obstacles.


Social Security Q&A: Will Inheritance Reduce SSI Payments? | Valley News.

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SSI is a program that depends on your income and assets. If you have over $2000 in assets, then you are not eligible. You are allowed to spend down these assets to become eligible.

There are many types of diseases, conditions and illnesses that may result in a finding of disability.

This includes concussion syndrome.

The most important thing to remember about any condition or illness you have is that Judge is looking at how it limits your ability to function.

Concussions are particularly severe because they affect your memory, concentration and can cause extreme headaches.

This is important to Social Security because it concerns crucial areas of job functioning.

Are you able to remember how to perform simple and complex steps of a job?

Are you able to stay on task for the amount of time necessary to perform a job in a competitive manner?

Are you able to show up for work enough days to retain your job?

Are you able to do your job without needing excessive breaks?

You should tell your doctor about your symptoms and their severity so it shows up in your medical records. This will reinforce what you are telling the Judge.

It also helps to have a specialist, such as a neurologist, examine you and evaluate your condition and prognosis.

Often people suffer from more than one condition.

This is important because another physical limitation in conjunction with concussion syndrome will substantially erode your capabilities.

Questions about your Social Security Disability case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: The One Thing That Could Save Obamacare––And The Obama Administration Needs To Do It In the Next Month.

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Does not sound to good for Obamacare.

However, in Illinois you can still sign up for a Medical Card. If you do not have coverage you should sign for your card right away. This is especially helpful for people who are seeking Social Security Disability.

Chart of the Day: Social Security Is More Important Than Most People Think | Mother Jones.

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Makes sense that Social Security will be a major part of most people’s retirement.

Why Asperger Syndrome is a Legal Disability – AGE OF AUTISM.

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Yes, you can win a SSI disability case if you have Asperger’s Syndrome. You have to prove that it interferes with your ability to perform any full time job.

After 58 Years in a Couple, a Spouse Fights for Benefits –

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Just another one of those weird Social Security rules.

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