It is disappointing to see a disability case denied on the basis of a mistake that you make. Especially if it is something you could have prevented.

Recently, I saw a case that did not turn out so well because of something the claimant wrote in response to a Social Security question early on in the case.

The question was about past work and the person responded that they had only lifted 20 pounds on a previous job.

At the hearing the claimant testified that they lifted 50 to 60 pounds at this particular job.

The Judge asked why they responded to the question shortly after the application was filed that they only lifted 20 pounds?

This left the Judge with task of deciding which of the Claimant’s statements to believe.

Better off not to put the Judge in this position and answer the question correctly the first time.

The reason that your past work is important is because the Social Security rules provide that if you can perform past relevant work you are not disabled.

The questionnaire that Social Security sends you seems innocent enough and it may be irritating to fill it out, but it is very important to answer it correctly.

Sometimes it can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

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