I have had several people come in my office recently who have represented themselves in their Social Security Disability hearing.

There are several problems people have who represent themselves.

They do not get updated medical records.

Social Security Disability is all about the medical treatment you have had.

The Judge will listen to your testimony about your problems and limitations, but if you do not have medical records to support your history of complaints, surgeries, medications, injections, restrictions then you will lose your case.

They do not understand why the Judge is asking the questions they do at the hearing.

The most basic question is can you work a job.

You must be prepared to explain what limitations you have that will keep you from working.

If the Judge asks you if can do a less stressful job and you say I think so, then you have most likely lost your case.

Are you able to explain why you can do some chores at home but not able to work a full time job?

They do not understand what the vocational expert is saying or why they are saying it.

Are you able to ask the right questions of the vocational expert to get them to the point where they will testify that you cannot work any job?

The bottom line is that most people do not understand that an experienced Social Security lawyer does not charge a fee unless you win your case and their fee is controlled by the Federal government.

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