Autism is a condition that may lead to finding of disability pursuant to the Social Security rules and law.

The key to whether a person is disabled is the severity of the condition.

Some people with autism may be able to function to the extent that they can hold a job and earn more than $1000 per month.

If you can do this, then Social Security will decide that you are not disabled.

However, if you are not able to work or can only work part-time with help then you would be found disabled.

The important factors that a Judge will examine is your ability to concentrate, to stay on task, and perform in a work environment.

If you need assistance from a job coach, or your boss gives you extra time to perform your job, or you need other workers to help you out then this is not competitive employment and you should be found disabled.

To prove this help is needed you should ask the employer to provide a letter describing the assistance given and why it is necessary.

You should also have a psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist write a letter describing the symptoms and severity of your autistic condition.

Family and friends may also write letters describing problems carrying out daily activities.

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