Social Security Disability hearings are nerve-racking.

A lot is at stake and you are in a different setting.

The Administrative Law Judge will usually ask you many questions.

If you are not prepared for this it can cause you to panic and not explain your circumstances as best as you can.

Knowing the kind of questions you will face can help you to be ready to answer as best as you can.

Here are some of the important questions that you need be ready for.

Such as, why did you get unemployment benefits and now you are telling me that you cannot work.

The underlying assumption is that you were able to work when you took unemployment benefits.

It is certainly legitimate to explain to the Judge that you thought that you could try to work part-time, or that you wanted to try to work and see if you could somehow make it through the week.

Some judges will be very direct and ask why you cannot work a job.

You should be ready to explain why you will miss several days a month of work due to your condition. For instance, you have four days a month when you cannot get out of bed because of your back pain.

You should be ready to explain why you cannot stay on task most of the time because of your pain, or the side effects of your medications like extreme tiredness.

You should be ready to explain why you have to elevate your leg to waist height for one to two hours a day because of swelling and pain.

Some judges will want to know what you do all day.

You should be ready to testify about your activities, but remember to explain how you are limited and whether you need breaks and how others help you.

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