Here are some very basic principles that you need to follow to be successful in your disability claim:

* Make sure that you go to the doctor. If you do not have medical treatment you will lose your case;

* Tell the doctor your problems and limitations. The Judge reads the medical records to determine how you are restricted due to your condition;

* Follow the doctor’s orders. Judge’s will punish you if you do not take your medications or if you fail to keep your appointments;

* Do not drink alcohol to excess. This is the quickest way to lose your case. Do not believe people who tell you that drunks get disability;

* Do not use street drugs. Social Security rules prohibit disability for drug users;

* If you have had an alcohol or drug problem you must stop using, and seek treatment. You can then testify that you have rehabilitated yourself;

* Make sure you get some good advice about what is going to happen during the Social Security Disability process.

It does not cost any upfront money to get an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. You only pay a fee from your back benefits if you win your case. Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May with Williams and Swee at 309-827-4371.