Yes, your testimony at the Social Security Disability trial is important.

But, your medical records must back up the testimony or you will not win.

Your medical records consistent of your doctor’s exams, diagnoses, lab tests, and diagnostic tests.

The test results are considered objective evidence, as opposed to your subjective complaints.

Some examples are Xrays, MRIs, CAT scans, EMG tests, heart tests, and blood tests.

If you have complaints of low back pain with problems walking and standing, then it helps to have a MRI of the lumbar spine showing a disc herniation or narrowing of the spine. This would explain why you have the pain.

If you complain of numbness and tingling in the feet, then an EMG showing neuropathy will help support your case.

If you complain of limitations in reaching and handling items, then it helps to have a MRI of the neck or shoulder indicating structural problems in the shoulder area or nerve root compression.

Heart tests showing a low ejection fraction will support complaints of fatigue.

Xrays indicating arthritis in the hands will help explain why you are having problems holding items and using your fingers.

The Administrative Law Judge will feel more comfortable ruling in your favor when there are medical tests backing up your complaints.

I realize that it is sometimes difficult to get these tests, but they can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

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