It is possible to be found disabled based on mental illness alone.

However, these type of cases are difficult to win.

The reason is that many judges believe there is some type of job that a person can do.

Such as a simple, unskilled job.

Social Security disability rules provide that if a person can perform some type of job with no limitations on lifting or standing then you are not disabled.

Vocational experts will testify that even if a person needs to avoid the general public or have limited contact with co-workers and supervisors there are jobs available.

The fact that you can no longer perform your old work does not matter.

To show that you can no longer work as a result of depression, anxiety, PTSD or personality disorders you must convince the Judge that you will miss 2 or more days per month or that you will be off task more than 20 percent of the work day.

This can be done if you have a history of being hospitalized multiple times, or you treat with shock therapy, or have to be medicated with drugs that will keep you sedated most of the time.

You will also need your psychiatrist to provide you with an assessment of how your symptoms will restrict you in a work situation.

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