Social Security Disability has some pitfalls for the unwary.

They can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

One area problem area is skilled work in the last 15 years of your employment.

If the Social Security Judge believes you are able to perform any of your jobs in the past 15 years or that you have transferable skills learned in these past 15 years, then you are not disabled.

This can present a major problem for people who have had a college degree or who have developed on the job skills over a number of years.

Back or leg problems may limit you to a sit down job, but the Judge may believe you can continue with a skilled job because many of these positions can be performed in the seated position.

The key to proving that you cannot perform past relevant work at the semi-skilled or skilled level or being able to transfer your skills to another job is showing impaired concentration.

This can be done through treatment for depression, anxiety, memory problems, or chronic pain.

Symptoms from these conditions can reasonably be expected to interfere with concentration, persistence, pace and remaining on task.

You should treat consistently with a doctor, psychiatrist or counselor and describe your complaints and limitations as a result.

This will show that you are having limitations in these areas.

Any former employers who are able complete forms or write letters to describe problems you had on the job will also help.

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