There is no question that Social Security Disability cases are taking longer.

In Central Illinois it used to take 3 months from application to first decision.

Now it is taking up to 6 months for a decision.

If you are denied, then you must appeal and it takes another 6 months.

It used to take 3 months for the second level decision.

This results in an additional 6 month delay.

If you are denied at the second level, then you must Request a Hearing.

The wait for the hearing used to be 8 months.

Now it is taking about 10 months.

The total additional delay is approximately 8 months.

Social Security claims the delay is because more people are filing for disability and there are not enough employees to handle the cases.

Something is wrong with the system if it takes 22 months to get a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

People end up homeless or living with friends or relatives when it takes this long.

The rules do allow you to work part time, however some Judges will use the part time work against you and ask why you cannot work full time if you are performing part time work.

Sometimes you can get an expedited hearing, but there is no guarantee.

The most important question is whether you can last the 22 months until you get before a Judge.

If you can work, then you should work as long as you can because Social Security Disability is not something want to be on unless you have to.

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