Do all these questions from the Administrative Law Judge mean anything?

Every question the Social Security Judge asks is important.

Some are obviously important.

Others are more subtle.

For example, the questions about your daily activities and chores are important because they give the Judge an idea of what bothers you most and how you are limited.

This is not idle chatter no matter how friendly or disinterested the Judge may seem.

If you cannot do something or need to take breaks while doing performing a chore, make sure you explain it clearly to the Judge.

Judges may use your testimony to deny your Social Security Disability benefits.

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Sometimes it is a mystery what the Social Security Judge is looking for in your disability case.

But what shows up in your medical records is very important.

You do not have to tell your doctor that your are trying to get Social Security Disability.

Some Judges take this in the wrong way. Like you are trying to unduly influence your doctor.

Many doctors do not understand the Social Security Disability process.

So it not always a good idea to emphasize that you are seeking disability.

Telling the doctor your problems is a good idea.

For instance, if you have back pain and it runs down your leg most days of the week, then tell the doctor.

If you have headaches that happen two times a week, and you have to lie down for three hours, then tell the doctor.

Telling the doctor your limitations is another good idea.

If your legs swell and you need to elevate your legs above your waist each day, then be sure to tell the doctor.

You get the idea.

The more that your complaints and limitations show up in the records the better your testimony will sound at the hearing.

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The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a favorable decision in a Social Security case.

The case ruled that Social Security Administrative Law Judges must pay close attention to the testimony of the disabled person.

If the testimony is consistent with the medical records, and the doctors’ opinions, the Judge cannot just ignore or discount it.

In this case, a lady in her thirties, had suffered severe spine and head injuries and had constant headaches, and needed powerful pain medications.

She also had to spend a lot of time laying down.

The Social Security Judge ruled that she could work a sit down job.

This contradicted the ruling of the Agency consulting doctor who did not believe she could work.

This court case should make Administrative Law Judges think very carefully when they are weighing the testimony of a claimant.

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Social Security is getting ready to require you to file your Disability Appeals via computer.

This will start in March 2012.

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