Demand increasing among youths needing mental health care.

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Mental health providers for children is certainly an area of great need. Some children are eligible for SSI benefits depending on household income and the severity of their condition.


There is disability for children.

It is called Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

You must qualify both financially and medically.

The financial aspect applies to the income and assets of the parents or guardians of the child.

In other words, if the family makes too much money then the child is not eligible for SSI no matter how severely disabled she is.

To prove that your child is disabled you must show that they meet a listing. This is a very strict standard. Such as the child is confined to a wheelchair. The other way to prove disability is to show that the child is markedly limited in 2 areas or severely limited in 1 area.

The areas are called domains which include acquiring and using information, interacting and relating with others, attending and completing tasks, moving about and manipulating objects, caring for yourself, and health and physical well-being.

Some of the ways of showing your child’s limitations are doctor’s and counselors records and reports, hospitalization records, and teachers’ statements and questionnaires.

It is not enough that your child is diagnosed with a condition such as attention deficit, or attends special education classes.

You must show that your child suffers problems in functioning in different settings such as at home and school, and that the function is important, and that the function is frequently impaired, and that your child needs assistance in functioning.

Not many lawyers will take children’s SSI cases because they are difficult and differ greatly from a regular adult disability case.

Questions about your child’s SSI case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Chipping Away at Poverty — an Exchange –

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Interesting exchange. Has anyone run into someone like this?

I have had many children’s SSI clients and none of them have this attitude about their children.

Heartland program aids students with disabilities : | Central Illinois.

This is a great program for the Bloomington, Illinois region. I wonder how many other Community Colleges have similar programs.

Yes, I represent people in Children’s SSI cases.

Not many lawyers do these type of cases.

They are difficult cases to win.

Maybe because Judges do not like the cases, or they are used to seeing adult cases that focus on ability to work.

In a child’s case you must prove marked limitations in 2 areas out of 6, or extreme limitations in 1 area out of 6.

The areas cover physical limitations and mental or emotional limitations.

Just being in special education classes is not enough.

You must show that the child is at the extreme end of the spectrum within the special education grouping.

Examples might be extreme classroom problems, serial suspensions, extreme drug abuse, several hospitalizations for mental problems, or severe asthma.

Questions about children’s SSI cases? Feel free to call Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

NH joins Idaho in new welfare limits for disabled | Deseret News.

This policy obviously penalizes children. Children’s SSI cases are very difficult to win. Need help? Give me a call.

As Specialists Debate Autism, Some Parents Watch Closely –

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