Mercedes Owner Busted For SSI, Medicaid Fraud – Disability Scoop.

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When you get SSI you are limited to income and assets you can receive. You can also be a representative payee for a person on disability but the money must be spent for the person’s benefit.


3 accused of Social Security fraud – SFGate.

Metro East Illinois residents collecting undeserved benefits.
Sounds like they had undisclosed assets or income that was not reported. You cannot do this when you receive SSI.

Service dog would help LeRoy boy with autism.

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This is an inspiring story. Children with autism are eligible for SSI benefits depending on the severity of their limitations.

Social Security Q&A: Will Inheritance Reduce SSI Payments? | Valley News.

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SSI is a program that depends on your income and assets. If you have over $2000 in assets, then you are not eligible. You are allowed to spend down these assets to become eligible.

Why Asperger Syndrome is a Legal Disability – AGE OF AUTISM.

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Yes, you can win a SSI disability case if you have Asperger’s Syndrome. You have to prove that it interferes with your ability to perform any full time job.

Senators Take Aim At SSI Asset Limits – Disability Scoop.

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$2000 in assets is not that much money. If you have over this amount then you are not eligible for SSI. It would make sense to increase it after 20 years.

Disability of 2-year-old raises questions on federal aid programs –

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It is very hard to win Children’s SSI cases. Many attorneys will not take these cases.

I have represented many children in their disability cases.

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