There were 2 pigs who lived together on a farm.

One of the pigs was quiet and never missed a meal, but he did not over eat. He also listened to the older pigs who gave him advice about how to behave on the farm and explained what the farmer was like.

Another pig liked to live large and loud. He ate his own meal and some of his fellow pigs meals. He liked to throw around his weight. He scoffed at the other pigs advice. He also thought that he ran the farm, and not the farmer.

Market day came and the farmer looked over the pigs and the large, loud pig caught his attention and off he went in the farmer’s truck.
The other pig eyes got a little larger and he moved to the back of the herd of pigs.

Sometimes it takes a little wisdom to win your Social Security Disability case.

It certainly helps to listen to people who know their way around the process.

Many people do not understand that you can get important advice and guidance from a Social Security Disability lawyer without any upfront fees.
A lawyer only gets paid if you win your case and there is a limit on the amount that can be paid the lawyer.

It makes no sense to go in a courtroom before a Judge without help.

I saw a recent decision involving a person without a lawyer and the Social Security Judge took great advantage of the claimant.
It was as if the person wandered into a slaughter house. An experienced disability lawyer would have been able to guide the client and point him in the right direction.

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Social Security closes offices as baby boomers age – News – The State Journal-Register – Springfield, IL.

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You have to wait a long time when the office is open and the hours are reduced. It is often difficult to get someone to answer the telephone at some offices. The website is not the easiest for people to navigate. Social Security is moving toward doing more things online such as filing for disability.

The Social Security cash crunch Congress cant ignore – Jun. 17, 2014.

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Here we go again.
This will start another round of media stories, and more people will be denied because of Social Security Judges who feel the pressure.

Quinn signs controversial Medicaid changes.

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Additional services will help more people take care of chronic health problems they have. Make sure that you apply for a medical card if you do not have health insurance.

New mobile clinic to take health care to under-served.

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Access to health care is a key to getting approved for Social Security Disability. The Community Health Care Clinic is a key provider for the Bloomington Normal area. Make sure that you get to see a doctor if you are seeking disability.

Seems like a lot of bad news on the Social Security Disability front.


Cases are taking longer and longer to decide in Central Illinois.

Of course, it is difficult enough to battle disability and pain and fight the government but it seems like it takes forever.

It was taking about 3 months for the initial review and another 3 months for the next level.

However, it is now taking about 6 months at the initial level, and another 6 months at the next level.

It was taking about 8 months to get a hearing.

Now it takes about 10 months for the hearing.

As a result some people are homeless, or have to move in with friends or relatives.

Social Security says the backlogs are because more people are filing for disability and there are not enough workers to process and review the cases.


At a recent congressional hearing several administrative law judges were being grilled for approving over 95 percent of the cases before them.

This is ridiculous of course.

That percentage of people cannot be disabled.

This involves only a small number of judges, but the problem is perception and politics.

The pressure is on the rank and file judge to reduce the percentage of approval ratings to show that they are not reckless and outside the mainstream.

The approval percentage nationwide has dropped from approximately 60 percent to the low 50s.

In Central Illinois the approval rate is the low 30s.

This is a dangerous trend for everyone applying for disability.

People who are applying for disability need to be aware of the trends and be ready to strengthen their cases.

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Report: Social Security judges rubber-stamp claims | Boston Herald.

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This does not happen in any place that I practice.
It is more like: deny, deny, deny.
The Social Security Judges are cracking down on cases because of media reports such as this and are being very hard on claimants.