Police crack down on disability parking violators.

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Fines and penalties have increased.


Some people ask me about using the national law firms for their Social Security Disability cases.

I tell them not to bother.

The national firms do not pay for the costs up front. They make you pay for your own records. Every time you order records for your case to supply to Social Security you will have to pay for them. Most local attorneys will pay for your records and charge you when the case is over.

The national law firms do not know the local Administrative Law Judges. This is very important. Your lawyer should know the judge and what she expects. There is no way these firms out of large cities know the judges.

The national law firms screen cases to look for the easiest ones. If you
work on the simple cases you do not always know how to win the difficult cases. You should look for a lawyer experienced in all kinds Social Security Disability cases.

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You are the main witness, and usually the only witness, at your Social Security Disability Hearing. So what you have to say to the Judge is very important.Your testimony before the Administrative Law Judge:

  • ¬†should be believable; not every day is a bad day and you are able to perform some daily activities. You should not exaggerate your pain, but you also should not down play your problems either. Tell the Judge what happens to you on a typical day. It helps to reflect on what you have experienced over the past several years. It may also help to keep a journal of your limitations.
  • should be descriptive; it is not helpful to use terms such as “it varies” or “it depends”. You need to be able to tell the Judge types of items you have problem lifting, or how far you can walk, and how long you can sit. You should be able to give examples of problems you have around the house, and describe your pain.
  • should be clear; you are at the hearing because you absolutely cannot work a full time job. If you tell the judge you may be able to work full time or you will try to work full time then you will lose your case and not be found disabled.

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