Health care providers, insurers pitch state exchanges.

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Illinois will have a state insurance exchange.
You should ask your public aid office, library, or township office how to get medical coverage under the new law.


Obama Intends to Let Health Care Law Prove Critics Wrong by Succeeding –

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What is the definition of working? Lower costs for the lower and middle class? More coverage? Better experience with the health care system?

Covenant passes unannounced Medicare inspection |

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Hospitals are supposed to take all comers to the emergency room regardless of ability to pay if it accepts Medicare patients.

From what I have heard some hospitals may let you in but not provide to much care if you are uninsured.

White House To Delay Obamacare's Employer Mandate Until 2015; Far-Reaching Implications For The Private Health Insurance Market – Forbes.

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This analyst predicts more people will be forced into the individual insurance purchasing exchanges because of the delay the employer requirement.

Health Care Reform Will Still Shock America | Business News.

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Human nature is to go with the flow. It is also overwhelming when there are too many choices. The health care changes are going to take time to get used to.

Commission Gives Insight on Expected Health Increases –

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What happens to increases in health insurance premiums will be a big deal in the coming months. Coverage for many more people will not help much if the cost of coverage is out of reach for most people.