Parent Health Care and Modern Medicine’s Obsession With Longevity — New York Magazine.

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This is part of the health care dilemma. We are to good at keeping people alive. This increases health care costs and almost begs for rationing care at the end of life.


Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: "ObamaCare" Small Ball––The Republicans Are Winning the Battle Over the Big Idea.

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It really gives you a headache if you think about it too long.

WASHINGTON: Health law's rule delay could hamper enforcement | Business | News Democrat.

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Looks like there are going to be lots of bumps in the road in the next couple of years for the new health care law.
Everyone will have to buy in for this to work.

Why Twentysomethings May Reject the ACA | Business News.

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It is not just younger people who have problems understanding the world of insurance. It is complicated and will cause many people difficulties in deciding what coverage they want and what they are getting.

Illinois insurance marketplace stalls again – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

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Why do you think the Illinois legislature cannot get its act together? The Democrats run everything yet cannot agree on anything of much importance. The Federal government will step in and provide pricing and product information for health insurance next year.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: Rate Shock in California!––The New Health Insurance Exchange Plans––Comparing Apples to Oranges to Grapefruit.

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Sounds like rough times are ahead. People are not going to be happy if they have to pay outrageous rates.

Big ad agencies bid on Illinois health outreach – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

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This year will bring a lot of change in health care. We will see whether it will give more access to low and moderate income people and the disabled.