There is a recent statistic showing that in some local Social Security Offices anywhere from 10% to 15% of the people who walk in for help are turned away without getting service.

The percentage of people who call into local offices without someone answering the telephone are probably even higher.

We are very fortunate in Bloomington, Illinois to have good staff at the local social security office. The waits for walk-in service are not too bad, and I can get almost all my phone calls answered.

It is a different story at other area offices. For instance, I find it difficult to get through on the telephone to Springfield, Champaign, Peru and Peoria, Illinois local offices.

What is your experience with social security help? Any good stories? Horror stories?


Last night was the Disabilities Expo put on by Access Allies of Bloomington Normal. It was another great event. Thanks, Chris!

The weather did not cooperate but it was good to see the people who came out and to have so many exhibitors who provide important services to the community.

If you were unable to attend be sure to call me, Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371, if you have questions about Children’s SSI or Social Security Disability.

Let me know if there are any other fairs in the Central Illinois area. I will be glad to attend and talk with you about Social Security Disability.

Social Security News blog has updated statistics regarding the time it takes a Social Security Disability case to go from application to final decision. The National Average is 532 days.
In November 2007 it was 500 days.

The Peoria, Illinois Hearing office ranks 137th out of 147 Hearing Offices. The average case time is 761 days. That is very sad. The really bad part is that is that the Social Security Budget does not allow for much personnel increase at all. Which means the average is not going to go down dramatically in the near future.

The Peoria, Illinois office covers Peoria, Champaign, Springfield, Decatur, Pontiac and Bloomington, Illinois.

It is hard to tell your clients when they file that they will have to wait over 2 years for a hearing.

Questions about the long wait? Call Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371