Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: The One Thing That Could Save Obamacare––And The Obama Administration Needs To Do It In the Next Month.

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Does not sound to good for Obamacare.

However, in Illinois you can still sign up for a Medical Card. If you do not have coverage you should sign for your card right away. This is especially helpful for people who are seeking Social Security Disability.


Feds: More than 88K pick health plans in Illinois.

There are still many people who have not signed up for health care in Illinois. Make sure you get signed up. This will really help your disability case.

Obamacare health-plan enrollments rise sharply in December –

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Do not forget to sign up for your medical card or health insurance. This will help you get medical treatment for your Social Security disability case.

Pelosi denies party members retreating from Obamacare –

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I think the new healthcare law will continue to have some rough patches but it will be here to stay. Once something this massive gets underway there is very little chance of reversing course. Those without insurance or limited insurance should sign up for Medicaid or check out the health insurance exchanges. This is very important for people seeking Social Security Disability.