Public Data Files – Average Wait Time Until Hearing Held Report.

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12 month wait in Peoria, IL region to get hearing.
This is from the time you request a hearing. So it can be over 22 months from start to finish. Why such a big difference from offices with only a 6 month wait.


A Social Security Disability hearing is not something that most people have experience with.

You only go to one hearing. Maybe two if you lose and reapply.

As a Social Security Disability lawyer in Illinois I have been to probably over a thousand hearings.

I have seen almost everything.

You need to know what to expect before you appear before the Judge.

First, the hearing is not a place to argue with the Judge.

The Social Security Judge is not responsible for you being denied at the lower levels.

It will not help you win if you get mad with the Judge.

You should listen carefully to what the Judge is asking you before you answer.

The Judge is trying to learn about your work background and experience, your medical treatment, your pain, your limitations, your daily activities and the chores you can handle.

If you ramble or are vague, then the Judge is not able to get a clear picture of how your condition effects you.

If you appear evasive or do not fully explain your problems the Judge will not be able to make an informed decision in your case.

The best way to prepare for your hearing is think through how your condition has progressed, what medical treatments you have had, how you spend a typical day, and how life has changed for you since your injury or illness.

You should also ask family or friends to write out their view of how you are limited and what others do to help you out.

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Fixing Disability Courts –

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This is not going to happen anytime soon.

Social Security does not have the resources to review cases in a timely manner currently. Providing lawyers to represent Social Security would cost millions of dollars. This article is not being realistic. Administrative Law Judges can pretty much do what they want and they are denying people at record rates.

The government shut down has not stopped Social Security Disability hearings.

The Judges will hear your case, but there are no attorneys available to write up the decisions.

There is also no staff available to prepare the cases for hearing.

This means if the shut down goes on for an extended time that it may result in a problem for future disability hearings and it may delay decisions being issued.