Why Are More People Claiming Disability Insurance and What Should Be Done About It? | National Academy of Social Insurance.

Should be an interesting discussion. Wonder if these people know anything about the real world. Most of my clients would rather not have to file for Social Security Disability. It is not like winning the lottery.


Social Security is complicated.

There are many rules and laws that can trip you up.

One is the Date of Last Insurance requirement.

You must work and pay into Social Security to be eligible for Social Security Disability.

If you were not in the work force, or worked in a job where they did not take out Social Security taxes then you cannot get Social Security Disability.

Some examples, are stay at home spouses, some State University employees, or you have a sporadic work record.

The basic rule is that you must have worked enough quarters in 5 of the last 10 years.

Your date of last insurance tells you the date before which you must prove disability.

For example, if your date of last insurance is December 31, 2011 and you are found disabled as of August 31, 2011 then you are entitled to your monthly Social Security Disability benefits.

If you are found disabled as of February 1, 2012, then you are not entitled to any Social Security Disability benefits.

Sounds harsh, but those are the rules.

Just another reason you should file as soon as possible for your Social Security Disability.

For those not eligible for Social Security Disability, you may still qualify for SSI.

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I was meeting with a lady and she said another lawyer told her he would not help her until she applied and was denied.

I take the opposite approach.

I like to be involved from the start.

I will file the application for you because you want to make sure all the proper information is included.

All of the information at the early stages of the case is important and may affect the outcome of your case.

The application process and Adult Disability Report is also complicated.

It is easier for you if you have the lawyer help you through the online application.

I also do all of the appeal work online.

Your lawyer will also provide updated medical information to Social Security.

I like to discuss what to expect at the hearing, and the type of questions that will be asked, and what you have to prove to win your case.

This is done well before your hearing date.

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I am moving my Social Security Disability Blog to this site from my Dirklaw.com website. Everything should be transported in terms of past posts to this site.

This wordpress site should easier to navigate and provide all the information you may need about the Social Security Disability process.

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Let’s put it this way, there is much more chance that the Obama administration will pay attention to Social Security Disability and try to improve the waiting periods for a Social Security Disability hearing than if this was the McCain administration.

It is much more likely that people in the Obama administration have closer ties with some of the groups advocating for people with disabilities and some of the legal groups who represent people with disabilities. 

There is also the matter of the same party being in control of the legislative and executive branches, and congress having to listen to constant complaints from constituents who cannot get a hearing.

The problem is that an overhaul of Social Security will take much money and a lot more employees. That would create jobs, but it is not exactly the type of stimulus being discussed in Washington.

A trial for your Social Security Disability case is nothing like what you see on Television. 

In Central Illinois- Peoria, Bloomington, Pontiac, Champaign and Springfield- the hearing is either held in the Hearing Office hearing room, a video conference room, or a Federal Court Conference room depending on where you live. The room itself is not that large. It does not look like a TV courtroom. There is no jury. So there is not a jury box.

The only people present are the Social Security Judge, known as an Administrative Law Judge, a monitor who runs the recording equipment, the vocational expert, yourself and your lawyer.

The monitor makes an audio recording of the hearing. Later a transcript may be necessary.

The vocational expert answers questions from the judge regarding jobs that you may be able to perform based on your limitations.

The Administrative Law Judge usually will ask you many questions about your educational and work background, your medical condition, and your limitations. Social Security does not have a lawyer so the judge will ask many more questions than other types of cases.

You will then have the chance to explain to the judge how your problems keep you from working and to question the vocational expert.

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Is there an advantage to using a social security lawyer that is located near you versus one of these national companies? The ones that advertise on the internet are based in New York or Florida or California. They may have a regional office in Chicago. But basically you do business with them through the mail or over the phone, if they will return your call.

You can always reach me on the telephone, or drive to my office, or I will drive to meet you if we cannot meet any other way. I meet with my clients throughout the disability process to discuss forms that need to be completed, doctors’ treatments, prepare for the hearing, and to answer any questions you may have. If needed, I even give my clients rides to the hearing. Some company from out of state is not going to do this.

Another thing the out of state companies do is make you pay for your own medical records at the time they order them. Why would they make you do this when you are sick and cannot work. The costs can add up. I pay for all medical records up front, and only ask for repayment after you win and you get your money from Social Security.

You can still do business face-to-face, in today’s world, and in a way that is cost effective to you without sacrificing experience and a personal relationship.

Finally, I know the judges you will have to testify before and their preferences. There is no way someone from Chicago or out of state can do this. Only your local social security disability lawyer can do this.

Remember, I cover Peoria, Bloomington, Pontiac, Springfield, and Champaign, Illinois and I would be glad to talk with you about the ways I can help you in your social security disability claim. Call Dirk 309-827-4371.