Social Security Press Office: Social Security and Kaiser Permanente Begin Partnership to Speed Up Disability Decisions.

Click above to read. One of the biggest hassles in Social Security Disability cases is getting all your records together for the hearing. It is a great idea to have electronic transfer of records.


Medical data breaches raising alarm – The Washington Post.

Click above to read. Many medical providers are remarkably casual with protecting information.

Your medical records will decide whether or not you win your social security disability case.

That is why it is so important to get medical treatment in your Social Security case. Of course, this is difficult if you do not have insurance or a medical card. Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign and Springfield, Illinois have some free clinics. There are also some mental health facilities in Central Illinois that provide counselors and psychiatrists.

You should treat on a regular basis. This will show your condition is serious.

You should tell your doctor about all your problems so the doctor will record everything in your records.

The medications you take are important. This will be part of your records also.

What the doctor writes in the records is very persuasive to the Administrative Law Judge who will decide your case. So make sure you are clear in what you tell your doctor.

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So you want to represent yourself in your Social Security disability case?

Okay assuming you go against my advice to hire an experienced lawyer for no up front fees, I am going to give you some tips.

Make sure you have all your updated medical records in your file. Medical is king in Social Security disability. Weak medical means you lose.

Will your doctor write a letter for you explaining how your medical condition limits your ability to function on a daily basis? If so send it in to Social Security.

Have one or two friends or family members write a letter describing your problems and how they limit you. Take them to the hearing with you.

Think about the best words that will paint a picture of your pain, what happens when you stand, sit, walk and lift, and why you cannot work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. 

This will get you part of the way there. In another post I will discuss your next hurdle: the vocational expert.

One of the most frustrating problems with the Social Security disability process is that it takes forever.

In the central Illinois region covering Peoria, Bloomington, Pontiac, Champaign and Springfield it takes over 2 years from the Request to Hearing to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This means it can be close to 3 years from the time you file your initial application. More on the reasons for this terrible situation in another post.

Most clients want to know if there is something that can be done to speed this up. 

Remember, Social Security is a federal program so you must contact the federal government. This would be your United States Senator or Congressperson.

It is not illegal, unethical or immoral to do this. Your federal representative will not ask Social Security to look more favorably upon your application. The only thing they can do is inquire regarding status and whether you meet the requirement for expediated review. The Senator or Congressperson’s staff will ask you for background information and will ask you to sign an authorization for medical information and other confidential information. Staff will then contact Social Security and inquire whether your case can be moved up in the process.

The big question is does this help speed up your case. The answer is: sometimes. I have seen some files continue to languish despite congressional inquiries and repeated communications with the Peoria office. Of course, many files are moved up in line.

The other important question is when should you seek congressional help.

The answer: when you are ready. Make sure all medical records are current. If your doctor will write a report for you, make sure you have it in the file. If you will become 50 years old soon, you may want to wait because the standards relax at that age. Any major treatment scheduled? You may want to wait until it is completed.

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