Social Security, Medicare still face big challenge – Yahoo! News.

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Question, answer format regarding possible scenarios for Medicare and Social Security.


Agency to run program to keep Medicare hospital readmissions low |

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Apparently this will be the wave of the future. Community based programs to reduce hospital usage.

Medicare premiums could rise for many retirees |

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With healthcare costs continuing to rise, premiums will have to go up.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: The Feds Will Administer the Insurance Exchanges for Twice What it Costs to Administer Medicare.

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Looks like healthcare may cost more than advertised.

Commentary: Should Medicare be run like the airline industry? | Opinion | News Democrat.

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Those who cannot get any medical care will not be likely to complain about the quality of care.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: The Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Compared to the Obama Medicare Plan—Who’s Telling the Truth on Medicare?.

Some analysis of the different proposals regarding Medicare.

Poll: GOP-backed Medicare proposals remain unpopular | Politics – Home.

What do you think? Plenty of ideas being debated during this election season regarding Medicare and Social Security.