New Illinois law limits disabled parking exemption – Peoria, IL –

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This law will severely limit free parking for most of the disabled.


State to consider new law to protect homebound disabled adults | Metro-east news | News Democrat.

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Proposed law introduced in response to disabled adults deaths and abuse in Illinois.

Disabled adults are better protected thanks to Illinois policy changes | Editorials | News Democrat.

It is about time.

Critics say complaints continue about Lincoln nursing home – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

Let’s face it, the entire healthcare system is stretched to the maximum. Finding proper medical care is not getting any easier.

CHICAGO: State lawmaker: DHS 'failed' in protecting disabled adults | Hidden suffering, hidden death | News Democrat.

How do you answer the question of why you did not investigate multiple deaths of disabled people.

Head of OIG resigns; governor promises to strengthen protections for disabled people | Hidden suffering, hidden death | News Democrat.

Click above to read. Hope it turns out to be more than a cover your self move. The people who died and their families deserve better.

Does President Obama’s election mean that Social Security Disability cases are going to be decided faster?

It is certainly more complicated than who is president. Of course, it is probably more likely with President Obama’s election that more resources may be available for the Social Security Administration.

However, there are all kinds of budget pressures from defense spending to bailout funding. The bottom line is that more staff is needed and better use of technology and increased technology spending are all needed to move disability cases faster.

The two year plus wait is terrible and inexcusable but I do not see it changing dramatically till late in President elect Obama’s first term.

The ray of hope is that the Obama Administration will be more sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities.