Southern Illinois woman accused of defrauding vets, Social Security recipients » Evansville Courier & Press.

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Pretty low. I did not know that there were private companies functioned as representative payees.


Social Security Q&A: Disability benefits | News OK.

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The application is complicated when you go through it the first time. That is why I sit down with my clients and go through it with them and actually file the application and the report for them online.

Young workers, meet Social Security – Framingham, MA – The MetroWest Daily News.

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Social Security not only provides retirement income, but also disability if you can no longer work.

Should You Claim Social Security Before It’s Too Late? – US Business News – CNBC.

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If you are disabled, then you will receive close to your full retirement benefits.

It is getting scary out there. Many people are losing their job. The economy is bad and there are not many openings if you do not have a job.

Lots of people are hanging on to their job as long as possible, even when they have continuing health problems.

If you were working your job and were in bad health, and then lost your job, you should file for Social Security Disability. A layoff or job termination does not prevent you from getting Social Security Disability. You must prove your health condition is keeping you from full time work at this time, however, this is not necessarily a high burden if you have ongoing health problems.

You have paid into the Social Security System all your life so you are entitled to seek disability benefits if you are no longer able to work. The money paid to you from Social Security Disability is your money.

Questions about the Social Security Disability process? Call me, Illinois Social Security Disability attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371

I have had a few people hire me as their lawyer right before their hearing. One big mistake they have made is not updating their medical records.

Social Security gets the medical records up until the time you request a hearing. After the hearing request you must get your records for any medical treatment you have. The problem is that it is taking up to two years from Request for Hearing until the hearing date is set. If you do not have your records updated you will most likely lose your case.

Keep track of your doctors and when you go for treatment. Order your records and send them into the hearing office. If you represent yourself you will have to pay for your own records. Some lawyers will also make you pay for your own records.

I pay for my clients records myself and ask for reimbursement at the end of the case if we win. Any questions about medical records and what you need to do please call Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371. Serving Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield, Decatur and Champaign, Illinois. 

Last night was the Disabilities Expo put on by Access Allies of Bloomington Normal. It was another great event. Thanks, Chris!

The weather did not cooperate but it was good to see the people who came out and to have so many exhibitors who provide important services to the community.

If you were unable to attend be sure to call me, Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371, if you have questions about Children’s SSI or Social Security Disability.

Let me know if there are any other fairs in the Central Illinois area. I will be glad to attend and talk with you about Social Security Disability.