Social Security Disability Benefits Approved At High Rates After Rejection: House Investigators.

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This does not happen in Central Illinois. We have Judges with some of the lowest approval ratings in the country.


It is important to know how the Administrative Law Judge thinks because she is going to decide whether or not you are disabled.

The way the Judge looks at your case depends on your age.

If you are under 50 years of age, and the Judge thinks you can work at job at all then you are not disabled.

If you are 50 years of age or older, and the Judge thinks you can only work a sedentary job then you are disabled ( there are certain exceptions to this rule but to make things simple I will not get into them at this time).

A sedentary job means a job where you spend 6 hours out of an 8 hour day sitting. And you only have to lift 10 pounds.

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There are reports that the proposed Federal Budget for this fiscal year will allow Social Security to hire an additional 5,000 to 6,000 workers by the end of the year.

This would allow a large number of workers to assist with more Social Security Disability cases, if they were assigned to the appropriate sections.

However, it takes time to hire the workers and train them and start them working.

This means that cases backlogs and delays will not automatically go away. The other factor is that more cases may be filed than in the past because of the bad economy and a larger number of people filing disability claims.

The bottom line is that the wait for Social Security Disability hearings will continue to be anywhere from two to three years for the near term.

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Sometimes people will ask me if they need an attorney for their Social Security Disability case.

You are not required to have a lawyer for your disability case. However, in some cases Social Security takes your application more seriously if you have an attorney represent you.
A lawyer can also make sure all your medical records are updated and sent to the Hearing office in time for your trial.

A lawyer can ask the proper questions of your doctor for a supportive report. 

A lawyer will also know what questions to ask the vocational expert. You must put your limitations in the best light for you to win your case.

Finally,  there is only a fee if you win the case and the fee ranges from several hundred dollars to $5,300. There is never a fee on your monthly check. Considering your lifetime benefits could total several hundred thousand dollars, the attorney fees only are 1% to 2% of potential benefits.  Not a bad return.

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Social Security News blog has updated statistics regarding the time it takes a Social Security Disability case to go from application to final decision. The National Average is 532 days.
In November 2007 it was 500 days.

The Peoria, Illinois Hearing office ranks 137th out of 147 Hearing Offices. The average case time is 761 days. That is very sad. The really bad part is that is that the Social Security Budget does not allow for much personnel increase at all. Which means the average is not going to go down dramatically in the near future.

The Peoria, Illinois office covers Peoria, Champaign, Springfield, Decatur, Pontiac and Bloomington, Illinois.

It is hard to tell your clients when they file that they will have to wait over 2 years for a hearing.

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