Judges’ lawsuit: Disability system ‘in crisis’.

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Absolutely incredible. I do not think any Disability Judge that I know would agree that they approve someone for benefits because it is easier. If anything it is getting much harder to be approved for Social Security Disability payments.


Families face long waits for Social Security disability benefits – baltimoresun.com.

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Amazing story. Good explanation of the Social Security Disability system and how many people are seeking benefits.

Thanks for the tip from Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg from Georgia.

If you need a cane, make sure your doctor prescribes it for you.

Social Security Judges will often give the use of the cane more importance if your doctor prescribes it for you.

The reason that it is important is that the use of a cane supports limitations on walking and standing.

Certain cases can be won and you will be found disabled if you are limited to walking and standing less than 6 hours a day.

A prescribed cane shows that your doctor thinks you need assistance with walking and standing, and shows that you will have trouble working jobs that involve a majority of standing and walking.

A prescription also helps make more credible your complaints of pain.

The combination of limits on standing and walking along with limits on reaching and handling and fingering may be enough to keep younger people out of the work force also.

Young people have a rough time proving disability since many judges and vocational experts think they can find some type of job for them.

However, there are not many types of jobs available when you are limited to sit down work and you cannot use your hands and fingers much.

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Medical records are extremely important in Social Security Disability cases.

The Administrative Law Judge will examine the records and ask you questions about what shows up in the records.

What you tell the doctor when you go to her office shows up in these records.

Things like this show up in the records:

Doing well;

Was able to mow the yard this week and did some roofing;

Drinks 6 beers every night.

Seems innocent, but the Administrative Law Judge may see this as evidence that you can work a full time job.

The lesson is to be careful in how you explain your condition to the doctor.

A full explanation may be that you are doing better than the last visit, however, after walking and standing for 10 minutes you need to lay down and rest due to pain.

Or you repaired a small patch on the roof, and then had to rest for the afternoon.

Or you mowed the front yard, and your son finished the back yard.

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Some people do not know that you can work while on Social Security Disability.

You may also work while applying for Social Security Disability.

The trick is that the most you can earn is $1000 a month gross, currently.

The other problem is that some Social Security Disability Judges will treat the part time work as equivalent to being able to work full time.

Their question at the hearing will be if you are able to do this amount of work 20 hours a week, why can’t you do it for 30 to 40 hours per week.

The other issue is what type of work is it.

Does it involve heavy lifting?

Lots of standing?

Intense hand work?

You must be able to explain what limits you from working full time, and how the part time work bothers you.

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