May 2013

Social Security Disability Judges ask many questions at the disability hearing.

This may cause you to think that if you do certain activities then you will lose your case.

For instance, going to church does not mean that you can perform full time work. But tell the Judge if you cannot stand for all the music because of health problems.

Doing light house work does not mean that you are not disabled.

Make sure you tell the Judge if you need breaks to rest or because of pain.

Driving a car does not keep you from winning your case.

Using a computer or reading is not forbidden. Of course you should let the judge know if you have problems concentrating while reading or you have to take breaks using the computer because your hands hurt or your back hurts.

Taking care of your children or pets is not going to hurt your case. Certainly, you should explain to the Judge if others help care your your children or pets.

Limited exercise is not the kiss of death. Once again explain your limitations in anything you do.

Every activity should be viewed through the lens of how much can I do and how am I limited when I do it.

Remember the work day is six to eight hours long and must be repeated four to five days of the week.

Thanks to Attorney Charles Hall for these ideas.

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This sounds bizarre. How can you justify it because insurance will pay for it. What about those without insurance or whose insurance does not cover it?

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Sounds like rough times are ahead. People are not going to be happy if they have to pay outrageous rates.

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These suggested changes would make Social Security Disability a very different system. The government would have its own lawyer at the hearing to argue against benefits for the disabled person. The Judge would not be allowed to be the fact finder, advocate and decision maker.

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Many unintended consequences when you have a change as big as legalizing marijuana.

Social Security Disability is tricky because it focuses on things that seem to have little if any impact on whether you are able to work today.

You must be very careful with seemingly innocent questions asked on forms early in the disability process, and later on at the hearing.

A good example of this is your past relevant work.

This means work you have performed in the last 15 years.

If you are under 50 years of age, then your past relevant work does not really matter.

The reason is that you must prove that you can do no work at all, past relevant work or any kind of work.

Once you hit 50 years of age, past relevant work becomes very important.

For instance, if you are 50 years of age and worked as a janitor for the past 15 years and can only work a sit down job now, then you are considered disabled.

However, if you are 50 years of age and worked as a secretary in the past 15 years and are limited to a sit down job now, then you are not disabled.

It is puzzling if you are new to the Social Security Disability process.

Both people are limited to sit down jobs, but only one is disabled.

Your past work can knock you out of disability.

What you must do is show that you can no longer perform your past work maybe because of loss of concentration due to pain or depression or because your hands are injured.

Questions about your Social Security disability case? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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Fraud will always be part of the Social Security Disability program, but it is a small part. The reason for the long waits is that as the population ages more and more people file for disability and there has been a reduction in the number of employees at Social Security who are working on disability cases.

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